Lil ramble.

Yup so I know its been a few weeks and I forgot to do an update whoops.  But yeah my study hours have gone up and the exam blues have hit me hard.  I’m 500% burned out and nothing goes into my head anymore.  But actually I don’t think it’s been as bad as it was last semester.  I mean, I’m still fucked for exams, but I’m not even close to being as stressed as I was about it last sem.

Last semester I was just holed up in the library all day studying by myself (for the most part). This semester has been pretty similar, but this time I’ve been consistently studying with at least one person everyday.  Usually its the same person, and we’ve formed this really good team because we’re at equal levels of stupidity so there’s no judgement between us.  And the best thing about our study duo is that we force each other to work- when I’m being lazy in bed not wanting to get up and go to the library she texts me and peer-pressures me into getting up off my ass and meeting her on my way to uni.  She’s going to be living with me next year too so hopefully we can keep up this good study ethic and I won’t be as fucked for exams next year.

But yeah there’s a couple of other people I study with, one in particular who I’ve become really really good friends with recently.  Lets call him P. He’s super smart, but when I’m with him, I feel like I study harder/learn more things so I can bring myself up to his level lol.  We also have a similar sense of humour and see each other at the library pretty much everyday so we’ve become pretty close.

Today I was studying with him, and my other friend (who’s further behind on studying) ambushed me and demanded that I teach him things.  Of course after about 30 mins we got off track and this friend was telling me off for saying that I was screwed for exams.  So then he made this flow chart ranking people we know on how prepared they are for exams.  I had 2 problems with this diagram.

  1. He put P and I at the top of the hierarchy of preparedness.  Even above the fucking crazy smart people in our year.  Above the guy who’s already finished studying for 3rd year.  So obviously P and I were WTFing all over the place like GOOD JOKE LOL WE WISH WE WERE THAT PREPARED
  2. Next to our names he put a little love heart and wrote #OTP





But see here’s the weirder thing.  Over the past 2 weeks I’ve had at least 5 people tell me that we’re cute together.  This includes my close friends and even his close friends too.

Wtf can’t two people of the opposite sex be friends?  Just because we “Have good banter” and are “really relaxed and happy around eachother” (direct quotes from people btw) doesn’t mean that something has to be going on between us.  Like seriously please just mind your own business.  Go do something more productive like actually study instead of projecting your weird fantasies onto other people.

Anyway so chart-drawing friend and I ended up leaving earlier (around 12.45) than P, but then on the ride home he was like “whaaaat, you guys are cuuuuteee, I’m gonna tell everyone so we can put you two together.”

Come on man, I don’t comment on, or try to interfere in your weird pseudo-love-life-sex-life drama you have going.  I just respect your decisions (because its YOUR life, not mine) and move on with MY life.  And I know that you appreciate that I do that, because you keep on coming back to tell me more stories about your life. Maybe you should consider that before you go onto making my friendship with P any more awkward than you’ve already made it.

Urgh okay I’m done I’m going to sleep.


Listening to: Cocaine Lion by Ball Park Music
Drinking: camomile honey tea



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