So I guess this is gonna be my GIF dump… I haven’t bothered to make any GIFs in awhile, but once I’m bothered to bring out my tablet, I’ll be updating this pretty often I guess.



Hitler x Cactuar from FF

Jimmy T

So my friend challenged me to do a *lick* GIF. And earlier that day I had been playing Warioware: Smooth Moves. So the Jimmy T lick GIF was born.


So I was studying for a Jap test one day, and I happened to mention to a friend that giri no [family member] meant Step-[family member]. My friend sorta went crazy with it and wrote me a story about the adventures of Giri no sushi! I promised to make a trailer for it, and here it is.


ditto pokefeels

Ditto. Btw these are purposely drawn horribly with bad grammar/spelling to pull the feels out of you.

gloom pokefeels


Ho-oh pokefeels


koffing pokefeels






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