My day.

Hey.  Yeah I know it’s been ages and honestly I would like to get back into the habit of blogging, but I always forget.  Actually I lie.  There are times when I do feel like blogging about my day, but I can never bring myself to actually start.  It just feels like such a commitment- I don’t wanna have to finish+post updates here out of obligation, I want to do it because I want to.

Anyway, so I thought I’d write a little about my day.  Its 3 weeks before my exams (well actually 2 weeks, but the asshole-ripping exams are in 3 weeks) and my coursework for the semester has pretty much finished (last PBL on Monday), so I’ve started to get into the swing of exam studying.  I only finished my work for PBL on Thursday, so it’s only really been 2 days since I engaged exam-mode, and I wanted to document my progress (let’s be honest, it’s more of a decline) over the next few weeks.  Chances are that I’ll forget/be too busy/lack motivation to do any more posts after this, but I’ll be optimistic :)

Tried to sleep at 12ish last night (because I’d been up since 6am), but my fucked up sleep schedule meant that I didn’t sleep until 2.  I ended up watching some youtube videos and looked through some lecture slides while I waited for myself to get sleepy.

Woke up when my alarm went off at 7, got up and tried to start a lecture but my body wouldn’t let me and I went back to sleep.  Woke up again at 10, washed clothes, showered, cooked food for lunch and dinner today.  Was meaning to restart that lecture at around 11.30 but I couldn’t physically bring myself to do it so I procrastinated instead.

At 12.30 the guilt/panic/self-hatred was getting strong but then A texted me about studying together and I told him I’d be at the library soon.  Packed my shit, walked to Auchmuty.  Got there at around 1, started studying.  Idk what took A so long but he arrived at ~2.30 and we studied together until 5ish.  Then he convinced me to go on a froyo break so we went to Marketown.

Talking to him throughout today actually made me kinda freaked out.  A’s super studious and knows his shit, and he’s freaking already halfway through the semester.  He kept on asking me questions (I could only answer a few), and I’d just stare at him blankly and be like “wut? We did that?”.  He’s so nice though and makes me lol so hard so I could never be salty at him for being a total nerd.

Got back to the library around 6, and then studied till 11.30.  I thought I might have to walk home in the dark, but then K offered us a lift thankgawd.  Was not in the mood to be sexually assaulted and/or mugged tyvm.

Got home, changed, took off makeup.  Was really tired and just wanted to wash my dishes, but there was so much shit in the drying racks so I had to put everything back first.  Was way too tired to  have a shower so here I am, sitting in bed, feeling gross and dirty but too tired to get out of bed.

I guess I’ll just set my alarm earlier tomorrow so I can shower/make food for the library.  A invited me to a study sesh tomorrow in a PBL room but I think L also wanted to study together and she’s on the same level of stupidity as me so I think I’ll hang with her.

Oh and also I’m really fucking pissed off at my vagina.  its been seven days, A WHOLE WEEK but my period is still going strong.  And the flow has been sorta reducing the past few days so I expect it to be ending, but then the next morning I go to the toilet and its like a murder scene in my pants FFS.  So done with being an ovulating female atm.

So yeah its T minus 16 days till exams, I’m currently on week 2/12 in studying and today I studied for 9 and a half hours.  (weirdly enough I think I studied longer yesterday, maybe 11 hours?)

Not quite living at the library yet, but I can see it coming soon when exams are closer and I’m no where close to finishing studying.

gonna try to get some sleep now


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I don’t really have cravings all that often, but when I do it’s the result of a buildup of a few weeks-months of feeling like eating a particular food.  Generally my cravings will be for something like chocolate milk, and once I have my fix, the craving will be gone for around half a year or something.

I happen to have had a craving for cocoa pops for the past 1.5 years.  I would go into the kitchen at some obscene hour like 2am or something, open my cupboards, and will for a box of that sugary chocolatey goodness to appear.  But it never did :(

And I never bothered to buy a box of cocoa pops when i went shopping because

  1. They’re overpriced
  2. I tell myself I’ll buy them next time
  3. I never actually feel like eating cocoa pops when I’m out doing the groceries
  4. I literally only want one bowl of the stuff so a massive 500g box seems like overkill
  5. The single serve boxes are always in packs of like 12 with other shitty cereals that I’d never eat

But this week I went to coles and found some fake homebrand cocoa PUFFS for $2.  So I bought them.

But now, as I eat my fake cereal, I look down into my bowl and think that nothing tastes as good as it did when I was a kid.

I’m kinda disappointed.

Also the more I look at my bowl, the more I see little dead maggots floating in a sea of chocolatey milk.



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Its 12.30am and I just got home.  I’ve been lying in a guy’s bed for the past few hours.

Sorry but this story isn’t as exciting as it sounds.

I’ve been studying with a friend for the past 5 hours.

In his bed.

Because the temperature of his house is comparable to that of a freezer.

And he kept hogging the doona.

What a bitch.

My life is so riveting.

But seriously, my life this past week has been rather exciting.  The massive storm that happened up in Newcastle last week was probably the most interesting thing that I’ve experienced this year.

I’m not even joking.

I thought I’d document the events of the storm here so I can have a reference on how to act when the apocalypse happens. (cos lets be honest, the only reason I’m doing Med is so that I’ll never be sacrificed in the apocalypse)

Monday:  Has closing PBL, which was a massive bitch as usual.  Also I was on food, and it was N’s Bday, so I baked a cheesecake and other things for the occasion. Managed to get a lift from a friend to uni, but I completely forgot to bring an umbrella which was a BAD IDEA.  It started raining super heavily, and I didn’t want to get my laptop wet so I just sat around and made small talk with people until the rain eased and I could sprint home.  (a chicken stalked me on the way home)  I literally just slept in bed till 6, and then got ready for N’s Bday thing.  Got a lift there, played some cards against humanity, drank a little.  I brought an umbrella with me this time but got 100% drenched on the 50m run back to the car at 11.30 anyway :|  The rain/wind at this point was already pretty terrible.

Tuesday: Woke up at 7, looked at phone, discovered that Uni was closed because of the terrible weather.  Tweeted about it, texted some lols to a few friends, and fell back asleep.  Kept being woken up by the wind/rain/ambulances, but still managed to sleep till 11.  Ventured out into the kitchen with my doona wrapped around me, fried some chicken nuggets for lunch and retreated back into my room.  Spent my afternoon on my laptop and watching trees bend at 90 degree angles from my window.  Also laughed really hard at friends who had no electricity, but then felt bad and invited them over to charge things/use electricity.  Went on a grocery/pizza run and it was like the APOCALYPSE outside.  In the 4 minute drive to the shops I saw 7 fallen trees, 2 completely flooded streets, and at least 5 street/traffic signs that had been completely ripped off.  None of the traffic lights were working so we had to basically panic-hoon at every intersection.  Woolworths looked like a tornado had gone through it- there was no bread, eggs or milk left.  The canned food aisle had been stripped bare and all candles, batteries and flashlights were gone.  Basically everyone had rushed to Woolies in panic and stocked up for the apocalypse. Wanna know what I ended up buying as my apocalypse staples?  Pringles, pork mince, mee goreng, steak, and some orange juice.  A+ survival skills right here.  Then we went to pizza hut and huddled close to the oven while we waited for our $5 pizzas to be done.  Pizza hut was so crowded and filled with wet, sad-looking people, I was slightly weirded out.  Finally got home relatively unscathed but very wet.  Ventured into the kitchen and hung out with my housemates/fed them pizza till 1am.  No one felt like studying so I taught them how to bake lots of things instead.

Wednesday:  Uni was closed today too so I just spent the entire day hanging around at home.  A bunch of friends came over to charge things, use my internet, do laundry and have a hot shower and I fed them all the food I didn’t want to eat like a great friend should.  We went out for more disaster recon, which was loads of fun.  Decorated my room a little, but spent the majority of my time in bed.

Thursday/Friday/Saturday: uni was open, but I didn’t have any classes so I just lazed around at home.  Was planning on going to uni to study….but that didn’t happen and I ate mee goreng in bed instead.  Whattalife.  Friends came to visit and use my electricity many times.

And then on Sunday I realised that using the storm as an excuse not to do PBL the whole entire week was probably not a good idea.  Still ended up going to the Farmer’s Markets and Darby Street though.  When I got home the panic set in though so I got a friend to pick me up and i spent the afternoon/night in his bed bitching about PBL/his arctic house.

Such an eventful week, yet actually nothing much happened.

Such is life.


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